Dear residents and stakeholders

The month of June and July update of our newsletter marks the end of the 2016/2017 financial year of the City of Johannesburg, which was at the end of June 2017.  From the 1st of July 2017, we ushered in the new 2017/2018 financial year with a new budget for the DA-led administration in our city.

Amidst many successes the DA-led administration has made since August 2016, billing continues to be an issue that is affecting the residents of the city. The Executive Mayor, Cllr Herman Mashaba, puts the city back on track with regards to the billing related issues. See links under the City of Johannesburg Administration section of this newsletter.

In our Ward, we continued to face major power outages that affected parts of Sonneglans, Bromhof, Boskruin and Northwold. We have finally secured a combined public meeting with Ward 134 and Ward 98. At this public meeting, City Power will be dealing with power related issues at the 3 Wards affected.

The public consultation meeting will take place on the 3rd of August at 6.30pm at the Boskruin Community Centre, Kelly Avenue, Boskruin. This is as per the invitation that had been circulated to the residents. I encourage residents to attend this meeting in their numbers to gain an understanding of the challenges that City Power is faced with, and to raise any concerns around the power related issues.

With regards to a related issue, I am actively working with City Power daily to ensure that the utility fixes the cable fault, where in the interim a generator is suppling power to some residents at Ascot Lane in Northriding. The power outages are due to the malfunctioning of the generator. This is undesirable and unbearable at this stage. The cable fault will be fixed in a week’s time to bring a lasting solution to this issue.

We were also faced with major water pipe bursts along Bellairs Drive, Northriding, which left affected residents in parts of Northriding without water for several hours.

Linked to the water outages, I am aware of the outstanding rubble and sand fill that is left at corner of Bellairs and Smit, as well as at corner of Bellairs and Danziger. I am engaging Johannesburg Water to remove all this to ensure that the road reserve is restored to its original state. This also includes part of the road that was damaged during the repairs.

Following the public meeting that was held on 31 May 2017, I am pleased to advise that on Saturday, 22 July 2017, Pikitup provided the residents at the Golden Harvest Park and at the Old Municipal Nursery with municipal bins. This is an important step is making sure that the environment for people residing at the park and the nursery is kept clean.  Pikitup has commenced this week to include the park and the nursery in their weekly refuse collection schedule.

Another action point from the above public meeting, a potential site was visited and subsequent proposals have been made by the project team. The project team is dealing with the Central and Lower Sharonlea pilot project to action waste recycling that is collected by the reclaimers in the two suburbs.

The project team is currently working towards social profiling of the reclaimers to provide input to the Environment and Waste Management team in the city, in order to finalise a proposed solution for the pilot.

In terms of Ward Committees, an induction training of Ward Committee members took place on 29th of July 2017. From the month of August going forward the Ward Committee in our Ward will now be in full operation.

From a by-laws enforcement perspective, JMPD focused on the illegal street trading by-law enforcement across the Ward. Notices were issued accordingly and goods confiscated for the by-law infringing parties.

With regards to our community involvement, I would to recognize and express our sincere thanks and gratitude to the Friends of Golden Harvest Park, for contributing their own budget to remove trees that may cause damage to the dam wall at the park. The exercise to remove trees on the dam wall paves the way for the required full maintenance to be conducted to the dam wall.

In addition, a special thanks to Mr. Doug Laurie, through his own financial contribution towards the clean-up of litter in the dip by the river on Kowie Road, Boskruin. It is encouraging to see our community taking an active part in keeping our environment clean.

Finally, there has been several incidents of veldfires at the Golden Harvest Park during the last two months. I would like to thank the residents that report the fires as well as the Fire Department for working tirelessly to distinguish the fires.

Golden Harvest Park and Surroundings initiative update

The latest update is as follows:

• The office of the MMC of Economic Development is dealing with all the issues that have been escalate to her office, related to the park and the old municipal nursery.

• In this new financial year, the budget has been made available to repair the damaged boundary fence along Drysdale Road. Quotations to repair the boundary fence via the repairs and maintenance budget have been submitted. The procurement process is currently underway.

• City Power is working towards dealing with illegal connections at the park and the old municipal nursery, which is still an outstanding issue.

Jacaranda Avenue upgrade

There has been some progress with regards to the installation of traffic lights at corner of Jacaranda and Hornbill. Balwin has settled the amount required by City Power to provide power to the intersection.

In the next few weeks, traffic lights should be up and running.

Blandford Road upgrade

The Blandford Road upgrade project is now complete. The contractor is attending to the snag list.

Boskruin Ext.5 water pipe replacement

The project is set to be completed during the first week of August 2017. The pipelaying is now fully completed. During this process, Johannesburg Water has been commissioning the new line.

The contractor is still busy with the reinstatements of the outstanding pavements and road reserves at the affected streets. All the issues raised by the affected residents have been attended to and addressed through the Client Liaison Officer (CLO).

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the residents for their patience and cooperation during this project.

Illegal dumping – along Malibongwe Drive

There are interim measures that have been put in place by Pikitup to curb illegal dumping on this site. Huge rocks have been placed next to the pavement along Malibongwe Drive to prevent trucks from dumping in this area.

Two illegal dumping warning signs have also been put up, one along Malibongwe Drive and the other on Fifth Street. Pikitup is still waiting for the directive to be given by the Conservation and Waste Management Department at the Gauteng Provincial Government.

The directive should outline the cause of action to be taken in order to restore this piece of land appropriately. I have also raised this issue with the Environment Infrastructure and Services Department of the city to escalate this matter with the Gauteng Provincial Department concerned.

In the meantime, Pikitup will continue its efforts where possible to clean up the site.

Look and Log

For details to report any service delivery failures, visit http://www.lookandlog.co.za/

City of Johannesburg Administration

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